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  1. Charlie Cannon | Shreddit Showdown Entry 2019 | PEOPLE'S CHOICE Adult

    Charlie Cannon | Adult Division | Home Mountain: Squaw Valley Congratulations to Charlie Cannon for racking up the votes, making his first Shreddit Showdown entry the most popular with Facebook voters. The PEOPLE'S CHOICE winner in the adult category goes to filmmaker Charlie Cannon and his ski partner Sebastian Reyes.  
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  2. Ryder Schwartz | Shreddit Showdown Entry 2019 | 1st PLACE Winner Teen

    Ryder Schwartz | Teen Division | Home Mountain: Squaw Valley Ryder Schwartz wowed us last year with his Shreddit Showdown ski edit and he KILLED us this year. Ryder's filming skills, his creativity, and humor have branded him great among his peers. We see Hollywood film school in his future! Congratulations Ryder and the "Boys Club".
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  3. Jake Tedsen | Shreddit Showdown Entry 2019 | 2nd PLACE Teen

    Jake Tedsen | Teen Division | Home Mountain: Squaw Valley Another new face to the Shreddit Showdown, Jake Tedsen pulls out a 2nd PLACE win. Jake will be sporting a FlyLow ski jacket and pant kit from the 2019/2020 collections. Pick out something bright Jake, make next year's 7th Annual ski edit pop! Congratulations!
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  4. Shreddit Edit by Lisa Nigon | Am I having fun yet?

    am i having fun yet? from Lisa Nigon on Vimeo. Edit Title: Am I having fun yet? Filmmaker Lisa Nigon Category: Adult Home Mountain: Alpine/Squaw Valley/Homewood
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  5. Shreddit Edit by Zachary Poulin | I was broken BUT NOW I'M BACK...

    I was broken BUT NOW I'M BACK.... from Beth Poulin on Vimeo. Edit Title: I was broken BUT NOW I'M BACK... Filmmaker: Zachary Poulin Category: Grom (13 years old) Home Mountain: Squaw Valley  
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