1. Breakfast on the Road | My Dashboard Breakfast Burritos are Raring to Go!

    Breakfast on the Road | My Dashboard Breakfast Burritos are Raring to Go!

          Three variations of my Dashboard Break Burritos, potato sausage, black bean sausage, and vegetarian. Ready to go, just cook 'em up on your windshield defroster. This is the time of year when Herb and I can take a bit of a break and hit the...
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  2. What You Need to Know | Backcountry Skiing

    What You Need to Know | Backcountry Skiing

      Are the resort crowds getting to you, looking for a bit of backcountry quiet? If you're a newbie, welcome to skiing in its purest form, you're going to love it. If you're new to backcountry skiing before you head out do yourself a favor and get some BC education. Not only can you save your own life, but...
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  3. New Salomon Hiking Shoes and Shifts Arrive!

    New Salomon Hiking Shoes and Shifts Arrive!

    Winter is in full swing here in Truckee but that doesn't mean you can't still get out for a hike. Salomon has the perfect shoe for the job: The CrossHike Mid Gore-tex. The completely new CROSSHIKE is designed for any conditions, anywhere in the world: multi-directional lugs, a seamless, closed-mesh construction and waterproof Gore-Tex membrane. Agile yet really grippy, this mid-height...
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  4. Holiday Gifts Big and Small!

    Holiday Gifts Big and Small!

    The holiday season is here! We are doing our snow dance here at Granite Chief in hopes of some more precipitation! While we wait on the snow, now is a perfect time to get something special for your loved ones! Here are some ideas of things we have in stock at the shop if you are unsure what to get! ...
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  5. Employee Helps Test Skis For Backcountry Mag!

    Employee Helps Test Skis For Backcountry Mag!

    We are so proud to see one of our employee's, Darren Padgett, and his wife, Danielle McCord Padgett, were part of Backcountry mag's 2020 ski test. Darren has been working for us for the past 20 years. We are so happy to have someone with his knowledge and experience in the shop. It's employees like Darren that make sure that...
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  6. Changes To Our Boot Fitting Set Up

    It has snowed, temps are cold, and ski resorts are beginning to open! It seems winter has finally arrived! Now is the perfect time to come in and get your new boots fit or solve old existing aches and pains you may have had in your previous pair! Here at Granite Chief, your safety is our number one priority! ...
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  7. Experienced Ski Tech

    Experienced Ski Tech

    We are looking to hire an experienced ski-tech to our team! Partime and Fulltime with flexible hours Wage: Based on Experience Benefits: Employee discounts on gear and apparel Midweek, non-holiday use of demo skis and rentals Allowance for ski and boot services (employees and dependents) Fulltime/Year-round paid vacations Job Details Adjusting din's on bindings Edge Tuning and...
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  8. Help Save the Tahoe Art Haus!

    Help Save the Tahoe Art Haus!

    If you have ever been to the Art Haus to see a movie, you probably realized that this place is more than just another theater. The Art Haus is truly special to our community. Over the years, the Art Haus has become known for not only showing the highest quality first-run movies but also bringing independent films, local ski and environmental...
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  9. Volkl Skis Are In!

    Volkl Skis Are In!

    Last spring at our annual demo our employees had a chance to try Volkl Skis' new lineup. Everyone loved them as Volkl continues to deliver standout skis! New this year: 1.) The all-new Blaze Series The introduction of the Mantra marked the beginning of Völkl's powerful freeriding ski lines. For those who want to ride free without...
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  10. Backcountry Essentials: 3 Must-Haves!

    Backcountry Essentials: 3 Must-Haves!

    Winter is right around the corner and we could not be more excited! That being said, we have seen a huge increase in the number of backcountry users since the breakout of COVID. With ski resorts being shut down or people simply wanting to escape the crowds, more and more people are flocking to the backcountry. If you are one...
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