7th Annual Shreddit Showdown 2020 WINNERS

  1. GRAND PRIZE ADULT | 7th Annual SHREDDIT SHOWDOWN | Hazen Woolson

    Hazen Woolson | Adult Division | Home Mountain: Squaw/Alpine Wow, wow, WOW!!! Every scene from Hazen's movie has us absolutely blown away! Great cinematography, amazing scenery, and some pretty rad skiers and snowboarders brought home the gold this year, the 7th Annual Shreddit Showdown Adult GRAND PRIZE!! Way to be Hazen, this year's ski movie, we dare to say, is the most...
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  2. 2nd PLACE ADULT | 7th Annual SHREDDIT SHOWDOWN | Garrett Balen

    Garrett Balen| Adult Division | Home Mountain: Kirkwood/ Alyeska From the wilds of Alaska to the volcanic cliffs of Carson Pass, Garrett Balen's athletic skiing is inspiring. He literally does it all and does it with strength and grace. The camera angles in the park are unique, making the viewer feel like they're along for the ride. Congratulations, Garrett. You're gonna...
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  3. 3rd PLACE ADULT | 7th Annual SHREDDIT SHOWDOWN | Tyler Curle

     Tyler Curle | Adult Division | Home Mountain: Squaw Valley Our judges CANNOT get enough of Tyler's ability to ski it all! We would call his style reckless if it wasn't for his smooth landings. It doesn't matter how steep, chopped, and narrow the landing is he pulls it out! That's why Tyler grabbed the 7th Annual Shreddit Showdown Adult 3rd Place...
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     Wesley Ott | Adult Division | Home Mountain: MT. Rose The California Kid, the goofy character in Wesley's ski edit, gives a much needed laugh, at a time when we're not really laughing that much. The corona virus has hit our ski communities hard, thank you for reminding us how fun it is to play at your local ski area...
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  5. SILVER BULLET AWARD | 7th Annual SHREDDIT SHOWDOWN | Chris Whatford

     Chris Whatford  | Home Mountain: Kirkwood There's a reason why there's only one Silver Bullet Award handed out. You've got to be a bit off your rocker to earn this award and Chris, with his NASCAR mentality, fits the bill. He straight-lines with his hands in his pockets at speeds that make his cheeks flap. Then he hucks one of...
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  6. GRAND PRIZE TEEN | 7th Annual SHREDDIT SHOWDOWN | Gavin Weber

    Gavin Weber | Teen Division | Home Mountain: Squaw Valley Gavin's ski edit has it all and shows us how to have a good time even in the dry times. Pond skimming, dirt skiing, rope tow from the back of a bright red Audi. No wonder he's a fun guy to hang out with, and when the snow does fly, he's even...
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  7. 2nd PLACE TEEN | 7th Annual SHREDDIT SHOWDOWN | Ryder Schwartz

     Ryder Schwartz | Teen Division | Home Mountain: Squaw Valley Ryder never fails to impress with his filmmaking. He's an all around pro, his skiing is as good as his camera work and editing. Ryder will be sporting a new FlyLow kit, in next year's Shreddit Showdown. He always has his crowd on the edge of their seat. Congratulations, Ryder.  
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  8. 3rd PLACE TEEN | 7th Annual SHREDDIT SHOWDOWN | Jake Tedsen

    Jake Tedsen | Teen Division | Home Mountain: Squaw Valley Jake, really, nine times? Nine times? Tedsen's ski edit makes us laugh, and appreciate where we live and this great playground we call Tahoe. His humor keeps him out of trouble, his skiing makes him a guy you want to stop and watch when he throws one off a band of rocks...
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  9. PEOPLE'S CHOICE TEEN | 7th Annual SHREDDIT SHOWDOWN | Chase Claussen

    Chase Claussen | SHREDDIT SHOWDOWN | Teen Division | Home Mountain: Squaw Valley Cliff drops, flips, spins, and some pretty awesome crashes, it's no surprise Chase Claussen grabbed the most Facebook votes to win the 7th Annual Shreddit Showdown Teen People's Choice award! Way to be Chase! Congratulations, you just grabbed a GoPro Hero8 Camera.
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  10. GRAND PRIZE GROM | 7th Annual SHREDDIT SHOWDOWN | Jackson Rantz

    Jackson Rantz | Grom Division | Home Mountain: Homewood Jackson has been entering his ski edits in the Shreddit Showdown since the beginning and he never fails to impress us. He is a well rounded skier, with the backcountry just out the back door of his west shore home , he is already an experienced big mountain guy. He is also a force...
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