shreddit showdown 2019

  1. Ryder Schwartz | Shreddit Showdown Entry 2019 | 1st PLACE Winner Teen

    Ryder Schwartz | Teen Division | Home Mountain: Squaw Valley Ryder Schwartz wowed us last year with his Shreddit Showdown ski edit and he KILLED us this year. Ryder's filming skills, his creativity, and humor have branded him great among his peers. We see Hollywood film school in his future! Congratulations Ryder and the "Boys Club".
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  2. Tripp Boyer | Shreddit Showdown Entry 2019 | 3rd PLACE Teen

    Tripp Boyer | Teen Division | Home Mountain: Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows Tripp Boyer, no stranger to competing when it comes to skiing and filmmaking. He's a winner! Tripp is our 3rd PLACE winner in the 6th Annual Shreddit Showdown! Each year Tripp takes his skiing to the next level, it make you wonder, is there a limit to his...
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