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  1. The Five Perfect Trail Running Side-kicks

    The Five Perfect Trail Running Side-kicks

    The foundation of any great running kit starts with your shoes. Much like the foundation of a house, shoes are the most important part of your kit. That's why I recommend the Salomon S-Lab Ultra. This shoe is unparalleled in traction and hits that sweet spot with just the right amount of cushion. Step two: the perfect socks. This...
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  2. Desolation Wilderness Backpacking and Worn Out Paws

    Desolation Wilderness Backpacking and Worn Out Paws

    [caption id="attachment_9539" align="alignnone" width="605"] Desolation Wilderness Backpacking -  passing by Grass Lake. Notice the cascading waterfall in the background![/caption] Desolation Wilderness Backpacking Adventures, and mis-adventures, you might say are life's way of giving us learning opportunities. Earlier this summer, Mike, assistant manager at Granite Chief Ski & Mtn Shop, with his girlfriend Yuka, wanted to get out for a couple...
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  3. From Tune Shop to the World Stage | Josh Benge is the Korean National Ski Coach

    From Tune Shop to the World Stage | Josh Benge is the Korean National Ski Coach

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  4. Herb & Treas Manning

    Herb & Treas Manning

    Owners & Founder  Owners, Buyers, Chief Tuner, Merchandiser, Restroom Cleaner, Board of Complaints. Let us know if we can help!  Snow, Red Dirt & Granite Chief, our passions! We work in our stores full time, active on the selling floor and mingling with clients. Many of them have become good friends. We know every trail, every mountain bike ride...
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  5. Gunner Wolf

    Gunner Wolf

    Chief Boot Fitter Gunner Wolf has been with Granite Chief almost since the beginning. Thirty years of boot fitting, setting the standard and developing many of the techniques that are used today in custom fitting. He has been the go to boot fitter not only for the core Squaw skier but to many elite US Ski Team athletes as well. His...
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  6. John Darby

    John Darby

    Store Manager John Darby’s experience in the ski industry spans over four decades, 15 as a PSIA certified instructor at Heavenly and New Zealand’s Mt. Hutt, followed by 17 years as a ski rep for Rossignol, and the last 10 at Granite Chief. A technical skier by nature, he loves the mix of modern ski shapes, but especially skis...
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  7. Darren Padgett

    Darren Padgett

    Custom Boot Fitter & Hardgoods Sales Associate Entering his twenty-sixth year as a custom boot fitter, and his sixteenth at Granite Chief, there's about nothing Darren can't fix when it comes to ski boots. Specializing in fore, aft, and lateral boot balancing, Darren has an uncanny eye for how to improve your boot alignment. Darren also builds custom...
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  8. Jesse "J-Man" Cassidy

    Jesse "J-Man" Cassidy

    Backshop Manager & Tydel Wrangler Jesse “J-Man” Cassidy grew up wrestling polar bears and wearing seal skins for warmth in the Great White North, Alaska, for those residing in the lower 48. After perfecting his skiing technique at Alyeska, a desire for new mountains, new people, and to see his good buddy, Tydel, brought J-Man southwards to seek his fortune...
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  9. Tyler "Tydel" Delumyea

    Tyler "Tydel" Delumyea

    Custom Boot Fitter & Hard Goods Sales Associate Ja boi, Tydel was born and raised in tropical Lake Tahoe. A true native of the area, he enjoys nipple-deep pow turns as well as sparking some arcs. Tydel’s Jedi training is currently being overseen by none other than the Gun Show, AKA Gunner. Ja boi grew up skiing at the Legendary Squaw Valley...
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