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  1. Truckee's Fourth of July Parade 2019

    Truckee's Fourth of July Parade 2019

    Truckee's Fourth of July Parade 2019
    Join us as we celebrate the annual Truckee Independence Day Parade held on Thursday, July 4th. This year, Granite Chief will be serving FREE ICE CREAM during the parade! We invite you to view the parade via our Storefront parking lot. Please use our back-parking lot for all vehicles. The front of the store will be the perfect viewing spot...
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  2. Granite Chief's Community Outhouses

    Granite Chief's Community Outhouses

    Granite Chief's Community Outhouses
    It’s summer of the year 2019 and Granite Chief Ski and Mountain shop is once again choosing to provide not just one, but TWO public outhouses located in the woods of the Truckee/Donnor area.
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  3. Whatcha Pack’n?  Are you loaded up with the right ammo when headed into the backcountry?

    Whatcha Pack’n? Are you loaded up with the right ammo when headed into the backcountry?

    Author: John Clausen - Granite Chief crew - Arva Snow Safety representative No, we’re not talking about caliber, we’re talking about snow safety gear, and more. This is the stuff ya need to have for a “mission complete” outing, to save your you know what if things go south. Whether you are passing through the boundary gates at Alpine...
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  4. Mike Friece

    Mike Friece

    Meet Mike Friece!     "We don't go into the mountains seeking comfort and security. Exposing ourselves and leaving our comfort zone is what makes us feel alive and procures us with sensations we continually look to feel again: - Bruno Compagnet   Where are you from? Norwood, Massachusetts Where's you learn to...
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  5. Michelle Delumyea

    Michelle Delumyea

    Meet Our Granite Chief Staff: Michelle Delumyea!       "Follow your passions and stay true to your friends." - Robert Frolich   Where are you originally from? Truckee, CA Where did you learn to ski at? Squaw Valley Current Favorite Mountain?  Squaw Valley Off season sport: Mountain Biking...
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  6. Miles Fulton

    Miles Fulton

    Meet Miles Fulton!!     Where were you born?  South East LA, AKA Big Bear Where did you learn to ski?  Snow Summit What is your favorite Mountain? Mammoth     If you could eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? pizza...wait, burgers....PIZZA...
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  7. Grant Ketels

    Grant Ketels

    Meet Our Granite Chief Staff: Grant!     "All I need are some tasty waves, a cool buzz and I'm fine" -Spicol   Where are you originally from? Reno, Nevada Where did you first learn to ski? Squaw Valley. Favorite Mountain? Squaw Valley Off Season activity? Golf, Motto ...
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  8. Fraser Query

    Fraser Query

    Meet Fraser Query!!           Where are you from? Jamaica, Vermont Where'd you learn to ski? at Stratton, Vermont Favorite Mountain: Whistler, BC Off season sport: Climbing, Mountain Biking, photography Item on your bucket list? Learn to ski If you could only eat one...
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  9. Kayleigh Mill

    Kayleigh Mill

    Meet Our Granite Chief Staff! Spotlight: Kayleigh Mill     " One doesn't discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore" - Andre Gide   From: Newark, Ohio Learned to Ski at: Sunday River Favorite Mountain: Big Sky Off Season Sport: Climbing, hiking On your bucket...
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  10. Herb & Treas Manning

    Herb & Treas Manning

    Owners & Founder  Owners, Buyers, Chief Tuner, Merchandiser, Restroom Cleaner, Board of Complaints. Let us know if we can help!  Snow, Red Dirt & Granite Chief, our passions! We work in our stores full time, active on the selling floor and mingling with clients. Many of them have become good friends. We know every trail, every mountain bike ride...
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