1. Changes To Our Boot Fitting Set Up

    It has snowed, temps are cold, and ski resorts are beginning to open! It seems winter has finally arrived! Now is the perfect time to come in and get your new boots fit or solve old existing aches and pains you may have had in your previous pair! Here at Granite Chief, your safety is our number one priority! ...
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  2. Check Out Our Fall eCatalog: Largest Selection of Men's Mountain Sportswear

    Fall In the Mountains from Granite Chief Ski Center on Vimeo.   Granite Chief has the largest selection of mountain sportswear at Lake Tahoe. Featured brands are Marmot, Outdoor Research, Toad & Co, Billabong, FlyLow, Forsake, Prana and more. Beautifully displayed merchandise for your convenience. We pride ourselves on providing products that reflect the Tahoe mountain lifestyle.
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  3. Here, There, and Everywhere Teaser | Warren Miller

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  4. Atlas Snowshoes | Peak Series

    Atlas Snowshoes | Peak Series

    Think all snowshoes are built the same? Well think again. Atlas Snowshoes are designed with different purposes, and choosing the right ones can be crucial to your success. Whether you're headed out for days on end, or just want to take Fido for a stroll, Atlas has a snowshoe designed to make the most of your time spent tromping around...
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  5. Tight Loose | Squaw Valley premiere

    Tight Loose | Squaw Valley premiere

    Ah, shoulder season. All the tell-tale signs are in evidence around Tahoe and Truckee right now. Once again our roads are (relatively) free of traffic, the leaves turn to orange, the trails turn to mud, and maybe, just maybe you can start to see a light dusting on the tops of some of the peaks. For many of us, and...
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  6. Tight Loose Trailer| Teton Gravity Research

    Tight Loose Trailer| Teton Gravity Research

    Tight Loose - A defining phrase for any athlete that has skied for Teton Gravity over the past 21 years. Find out exactly what it means to live life with this in mind. The 21st year of a ski bum's life is an important milestone. No more fake IDs needed to partake in the apres scene, you instantly become full...
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  7. MSR's Water Treatment Lab | Behind The Scenes

    Even though making a high-quality water treatment device may not be easy to perfect, MSR has sure been close. Working together at a single location in Seattle, Washington, MSR's engineers and scientist are able to work together, allowing employees to communicate effectively throughout the entire process of designing, manufacturing, and testing their devices. By working closely employees can make sure...
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  8. Ruin and Rose Official Trailer| MSP Films

    Is it too early to start dreaming about winter and the ensuing ski films from production companies we love, such as MSP films? Heck no! Check out the latest offering from MSP with this trailer for the new Ruin and Rose. But just a heads-up, you're GOING to start having some serious winter daydreams. Don't say we didn't warn you!
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  9. How Much Food is Enough? | Planning Food for a 5-Day Backpacking Trip

    When you’re planning food for a backpacking trip, there’s a fine line between packing too much, and packing too little. When you’re out on the trail, every ounce counts, and over packing food for your trip will be sure to weigh you down. And if you happen to pack too little? Well... you’ll end up a tired, hungry hiker and...
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  10. Osprey Packs | Damn Good Packs

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