It’s summer of the year 2019 and Granite Chief Ski and Mountain Shop is once again choosing to provide not just one, but TWO public outhouses located in the woods of the Truckee/Donner area. Dedicating more than 10 years of service, “Johnny” and “Jimmy” are here for the long haul supporting outdoor enthusiasts (rock climbers, hikers, cyclists, trail runners, sightseers), and motorists year after year in their routine of the daily “squat”.

The OG Granite Chief outhouse, a.k.a. “Johnny”, is located at the parking base of Snowshed Wall- a proven “spot-on” site for a diverse group of humans with the same love for the outdoors, and the need for place to go. Our second outhouse, a.k.a. “Jimmy”, is located at the Emigrant Trailhead in the forest service parking lot.

Snowshed Wall Outhouse, a.k.a. Johnny

According to Johnny, Jimmy, and the entirety of our Granite Chief staff, the great outdoors are best enjoyed in their natural state, therefore let’s keep nature smelling like nature… and nothing else. We deem ourselves, and you – responsible for the upkeep of our backyard. In our continued effort to reduce pollution, our carbon footprint, and engage in Eco-friendly means, we give you Johnny and Jimmy – the duo of the year!

Outhouse #2, a.k.a. Jimmy

Outhouse Care

Johnny and Jimmy will be freshened up weekly, but on occasion, may become overwhelmed with popularity. Should you ever find that Johnny or Jimmy would benefit from an added touch-up, please pass the word along to Granite Chief. Thanks, and enjoy your adventures!


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