7th Annual Shreddit Showdown 2020 WINNERS

  1. 2nd PLACE GROM | 7th Annual SHREDDIT SHOWDOWN | Cade Schwartz

     Cade Savage Schwartz| Grom Division | Home Mountain: Sugar Bowl Cade's a guy whose not going to let a lack of snow keep him home. If there's snow out there, he'll find it, and he'll ski it. We love Cade's skiing style, he's a powder hound for sure, and his skiing skills are well beyond his years. Congratulations, Cade on your...
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  2. 3rd PLACE GROM | 7th Annual SHREDDIT SHOWDOWN | Curtis Edmunds

     Curtis Edmunds | Grom Division | Home Mountain: Squaw Valley Ending his 2018/2019 ski season with a serious leg injury, young Curtis comes back with a mission. Get back on the horse, train hard, and remind yourself why skiing is the greatest sport in the world. He skis with passion, young Curtis is a skier to watch. Congratulations, Curtis Edmunds, on your 3rd...
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  3. PEOPLE'S CHOICE GROM | 7th Annual SHREDDIT SHOWDOWN | Seamus Colborn

     Seamus Colborn | SHREDDIT SHOWDOWN Entry | Grom Division | Home Mountain: Squaw/Alpine Perennial superstar Seamus Colborn came out this year and grabbed the most Facebook votes, earning him the 7th Annual Shreddit Showdown From People's Choice award! With his mix of park, pipe, and backcountry lines, its easy to see why! Congratulations Seamus!
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    Winning Ski Movies Announced April 9th | Between 6pm and 7pm Today's the day, we look forward to sharing the names of the winners of this year's Shreddit Showdown. The winning ski edits will be up on this blog at GraniteChief.com, Snowbrains.com, and on Granite Chief Ski & Mountain Shop's Facebook page, (barring anymore internet interruptions). Grab a beer, head...
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