Granite Chief x Wagner Custom Skis = A Perfect Pair For The Sierras!

wagner/granite chief skisPete Wagner and Derren show off new skis















Ever wish you could have a pair of custom skis? Now you can because Granite Chief partnered up with Wagner Custom Skis, out of Telluride, to bring you the custom skis of your dreams!  This collaboration gives you the option to choose from a custom Granite Chief ski, which we tested and created alongside Wagner, or you can choose to go completely custom with a variety of upgrading options.

When Wager approached us about creating a custom ski line and becoming the only shop in the Tahoe region to carry their skis, we were stoked!  Working, and skiing, with Wagner over the past year has been super fun and we are excited to announce what we have created three lively and approachable skis!  We customized everything from base construction and sidewall cuts to our favorite graphics, and with over 40 years in the industry, we think we created something great!  We love these skis and believe they will best suit customers of the Chief, for Tahoe skiing and beyond.

The Breakdown:

We created three skis with slightly different makes and widths. Two of the skis fall into the men's category, and one will be great for any of the women who frequent the Chief! Through their differences, each ski ended up with a slightly stiffer tail construction, making them ski the Sierras better than the prototypes we started with.

We couldn't create a line of Sierra-specific skis without thinking of our big mountain customer. Our 106mm ski is made for guys slashing through all the Sierra Cement mother nature will throw their way. It has an aspen/beech core with carbon fiber making it super agile in powder and for charging chutes. A tip rocker construction makes for easy turn initiation and float, and thanks to our stiffer tail it’ll hold in curd and icy conditions.

Next, we wanted a ski for customers looking for a one-ski-quiver. Our 100mm skis will take you from Kt22 on a powder day to hot Shirley laps in the spring. We created this guy with an aspen/beech core and titanal construction making weight transfer approachable, vibration minimal, and edge hold in chop unbeatable.

Last, but not least, we have our ladies ski! This ski bridges the gap for ladies who already love exploring the whole mountain in a variety of conditions and those looking to progress, needing something fun and approachable. This babe of a ski(see graphic) is 94mm under foot which is a great width for any resort in the Tahoe region! She’ll provide float when needed but she's not so wide that it’ll be overbearing. Made with an aspen core and carbon construction, she's lightweight and easy to control.

Make Them Your own:

If you're interested in testing a Wager/Granite Chief ski, all three are available for demo at The Chief. We are confident that you will love them as much as we do, which is great because you can purchase as-is! However, if something is slightly off, Wagner offers complete customization to consumers! Our team can work with you to create any changes you prefer. Say you want a different base, Wagner can add a super fast and durable World-Cup base. Not a huge fan of the graphic? We can change that too; choose between any of Wagner's house or artist graphics! Lets just say, when it comes to Wagner skis, the world is your oyster, and we are here to offer it to you.

Base models with Wagner house graphics start at $1499 . Upgraded base is +$300 and upgraded Artist Graphics are +$300. For skis that are 100% custom, we’re talking about graphic, waist width, core construction, and everything in between, base models start at $1,995.

Here is the real kicker; customizations only take a couple weeks to complete! Since these skis are 100% American-made, turn-around-time is super quick. You can be out enjoying your very own custom skis faster than the weatherman can predict the extended forecast.

For more information about Wagner check out their website here or stop by the Chief to talk with any of our experts!