Last spring at our annual demo our employees had a chance to try Volkl Skis' new lineup. Everyone loved them as Volkl continues to deliver standout skis!

New this year:

1.) The all-new Blaze Series

The introduction of the Mantra marked the beginning of Völkl's powerful freeriding ski lines. For those who want to ride free without any restrictions but with the full control of a sportive off-piste ski. The new Blaze series even adds another dimension to the idea. The concept of the ski targets the intuitive freerider who appreciates a playful and at the same time agile and sportive maneuverability. At 106 mm under the binding, the Blaze 106 weighs only 1830 g (@ 186 length), providing all the lift to make every powder day a dream come true. This ski features Volkl's 3 radius sidecut and is exceptionally versatile. Light enough to be your backcountry ski but solid enough to be your everyday resort ski depending on which binding you choose to mount on it. Oh, and did we mention that it retails for only $599!? What's not to love!?

Here's what our employees had to say about it:

"Fun to ski in all conditions! Felt like Dancing shoes!"

"Great Ski! Easy and Fun!"

"Very fun and Playful ski. Easy to turn and rips groomers! Great for on and off Piste!"



2.) The Katana is back in a 108!

At 108 mm underfoot and a Titanal frame for the experienced and highly athletic freerider. If you're going really steep and fast off-piste you soon realize the benefit of the just 0.7 mm thick Titanal frame that surrounds the highly stressed tip and tail areas, providing stability and shock absorption. Additionally, another 0.3 mm Titanal sheet in the binding area provides the necessary rigidity and hold for the binding even under the toughest conditions. 108 mm allow for maximum lift especially off-piste. In combination with the Titanal Frame and Carbon Tips, the 3D radius sidecut allows a precise power transmission, uncompromised liveliness, and turning behavior which has not been possible with Titanal skis before.

Our employee's thoughts after testing:

"Stability. Also, ease of making turns and quickness at slower speeds. A versatile big mountain tool that doesn't feel one dimensional. Lively, explosive, and confidence-inspiring."

"Ease of turning at slow speeds. Predictable and stable at speed. Hard charger for every day. So Fun!"

"My favorite ski is back!"



3.) Now offering the revolt in a 104 underfoot

Here comes the next cooperation between head engineer Lucas Romain and the Völkl freestyle pro team. Again hours, days, and months of testing preceded the creation of the final design. Covered in mythical creatures and spirit animals comes this tip & tail rocker ski with Full Sidewall, 3D Radius Sidecut, and a durable P-Tex 2100 base. "...Whether jibbing or in the backcountry, the Revolt is extremely versatile and simply a whole lot of fun no matter where it is used. The graphics are also superb and never get boring because you discover new things over and over again,” says Paddy Graham.

Here's what one of our employee's had to say:

"My favorite ski of the day, felt like I could do everything confidently but also have a lot of fun!"