Ski Movie Contest

  1. 3rd Place for Adult Edit . Departure . by Henry Holdsworth

    Tahoe Massive: Departure from Henry Holdsworth on Vimeo. The Massive crew embraces spring-like conditions and California sunshine, but quenches its' thirst for deep powder and great times all across the wild west. Skiers: Andrew Albertson, Chris Edwards, Henry Holdsworth, Robbie Wait, Zach Steele, Andrew Putnam, Davis Souza, Filming: Bryan Metcalf-Perez, Robbie Wait, Chris Edwards, Henry Holdsworth, Andrew Albertson, Zach Steele...
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  2. 1st Place Grom Edit . Shred . by Ryland Lubin

    shred from Ryland Lubin on Vimeo. Congratulations Ryland, you are our Shreddit Showdown 1st Place winner in the Grom Division. You just won a pair of Blizzard's Jr. Cochise Skis and a pair of Tecnica Cochise Ski Boots and a Granite Chief $100 Ski& Boot Service Card. Submitted by Ryland Lubin 13 years old . Home Mountain: Squaw Valley Grom...
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  3. 3rd Place Grom Edit . Declan Shreddit Showdown . by Declan Mark

    Declan Shreddit Showdown from Rob & Susan McCormick on Vimeo. Submitted by Declan Xavier Mark 9 years old . Home Mountain: Squaw Valley Contest Category Entry Grom Congratulations Declan, you are our Shreddit Showdown 3rd Place winner in the Grom Division. You just won a K2 Pilchuck Avi Pack and a Granite Chief $100 Ski & Boot Service Card.
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  4. Drought . by Alex Dorszynski

    Drought from Alex Dorszynski on Vimeo. Submitted by Alex Dorszynski . Home Mountain: Squaw Valley Contest Category Entry: Adult
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  5. Jackson Hole Dreaming . by Scott Goergen

    Jackson Hole Dreaming from on Vimeo. Clips from a recent adventure to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Cameras used were Cannon t4i, GoPro Hero+ GoPro Hero3, GoPro HD Hero. We were lucky and had one powder day and a blue bird day to ski and rock out in Jackson Hole. A few clips include: Jackson Hole Skiing, Corbet's Couloir, Jackson Hole...
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  6. 191" & Countins - Shreddit Edit . by Kyle Cota

    191" and counting....Shreddit Edit from kyle cota on Vimeo. 191 inches of snow has fallen over Squaw Valley this season...I think that number is quite generous but who's counting anyways? Rocky take-offs, sharks biting at every turn, and even rockier landings have been the story of the year. The last year I was living in Tahoe was for the 800...
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  7. Self Edit . by Joe Ellis

    Self Edit from Joe Ellis on Vimeo. Some shots from last season and this season piled into one Self Edit. Some of the shots were filmed on an iphone so please excuse the quality. Only took me about an hour to throw this edit together and I hope you enjoy it! Filming: Trever Johnson, Julian Scribner, Dayton Allegra Editing: Joe...
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  8. Check out this great Ski Movie example. Now show us what you can do!

      Shreddit Showdown Ski Movie Contest ENTER HERE
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  9. Shreddit ShowDown Ski Movie Contest

    Shreddit ShowDown Ski Movie Contest

    Before submitting your movie to the Shreddit Showdown Ski Movie Contest read the term, conditions, and official rules in the Shreddit Showdown Terms and Conditions post below. By submitting your movie entry you are agreeing to the Shreddit Showdown Ski Movie Contest. Enter your Ski Movie and you could win some great prizes...1st Place Blizzard Skis and Tecnica Ski Boots...
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