We have used our Dometic CFX3 45 for the third season, and I just realized that I haven't written a gear review for this WONDERFUL DC (12 volt / 24 volt), AC (110-240), or solar, powered cooler. Shame on me! 

Let me get straight to the point we love it ALOT! A WHOLE LOT!

  1. You can plug it into a wall outlet, (AC, that means electricity like in your house). I thought I'd clarify that because if you're like me, I thought AC was a rock band. I don't really use it in the house. I do plug in it the day before hitting the road and load it up in the kitchen. This is bear county, so no leaving a loaded cooler in the car the night before takeoff. 
  2. Next morning load it up into your van, Gladiator, Landrover, Subie and plug it into your rig's DC port, ( formerly known as handy automobile cigarette lighter), set the desired temperature, and you're ready to go. 
  3. The unit's temperature can be controlled from an app on your cellphone via Bluetooth. That makes things so simple. Like when you're in your tent and it's super cold out, you can up the temperature without crawling out of your sleeping bag. Big bonus!
  4. The CFX3 45 temperature can be set as low as -7 degrees. Now I've never had reason to set the temperature that low. But I'm sure there's certain situations when -7 degrees would come in handy. Like maybe if you were transporting organs. Being in the ski and outdoor business, that's not likely a setting we would use. We normally set it between 31 and 34 degrees if we have perishables, like meat, dairy or frozen goodies like ice cream. 
  5. No melting ice, soggy, water logged food at the bottom of your cooler. That was the deal maker for me. Ice coolers are a pain in the you know what!
  6. There are two wire baskets that come with the Dometic CFX3 45. The baskets make it easy to load and organize your food from your kitchen counter. Once the baskets are loaded drop them into the cooler. The baskets are even more handy when looking for something in the cooler. No more rummaging through and pulling things out to find that block of cheese. Pull out the baskets, set them on the picnic table. You can see all the contents and exactly where they're stored. 
  7. Easy cleanup! There might be a few food spills, but no watery ice bags, or foul food tainted water at the bottom. Just wipe down the inside, dry it out, store it away, and it is ready for your next trip. 

Snap Shot Review & Notes: 

> Keep frozen food frozen

> Can actually freeze food in the unit

> Control temperature from the unit itself or the Dometic App via Bluetooth 

> If you're worried about draining your car battery, use the battery saver option. This option allows you to set the unit to turn off when your battery is at 25%. There are three battery saving settings, high, medium, and low.

> I use Rubbermaid Brilliance food containers with my CFX3 45. They stack and fit perfectly in the baskets, and they are transparent and leak- proof.

> We also purchased the rugged cover to keep the unit from getting scratched and marred, and it also helps insulate the cooler.  

> The Dometic CFX3 45 is built tough and will withstand rugged backroad travel. We've tested its ruggedness a few times in Death Valley, Canyonlands, and plowing through Tahoe's many potholes. 

Overall rating: 10 stars out of 5!

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