By: Izzy Jackson

Are you looking for a durable, warm, and comfortable sleeping bag? Come try our Western Mountaineering bags!

Western Mountaineering has been around for over 45 years and continues to make top-notch quality products. Their sleeping bags have been one of the most sought out bags in the outdoor lovers’ community. Even though their bags do come at a high-end price, they make up for it in the amazing quality of the product and the company itself. Western Mountaineering puts its customers and products first every time. When it comes to the long-term wear and tear of their sleeping bags, they will even let customers send in their used sleeping bags to get fixed up and sent back looking brand new! Whether you are the type of camper who likes to keep it more casual or one who likes to brace whatever weather comes your way, these sleeping bags have got you covered!


The Extremelite Series is perfect for lightweight travelers and specialists! If you’re trying to keep your pack and gear under a certain weight, then this series of sleeping bags are perfect for you! Western Mountaineering made this series from the highest thread count fabrics and ultra-lightweight yarns that aren’t seen in many average bags. There are 14 models that are featured with this type of design, which all weigh between 11 ounces and 2 pounds!

Alpinlite:                                                                                 Ultralite:


















If you’re looking for a lightweight sleeping bag that will keep you warm when temps drop to 20° F/ -7° C then the Alpinlite or Ultralite bags are a great fit for you! The Alpinlite weighs 1lb. 15 oz. while the Ultralite weighs 1lb. 13 oz., making the Ultralite sleeping bag lighter at this cold temperature. The Alpinlite is just like the Ultralite just slightly wider making it a favorite among most. Both bags also have a full-down collar to help seal in heat to keep you warm without adding any extra weight. Definitely, a must-try!













If you’re looking for a sleeping bag that is sure to have plenty of room, maybe the Megalite is the one for you? This bag has plenty of room with a 64” shoulder girth tapering to 39” at the foot, so there won’t be any problems with feeling cramped. This bag has all the same perks as the Ultralite and the Alpinlite just in a bigger style! The Megalite has a temperature rating of 30° F/-2° C and weighs 1lb. 8 oz., making this sleeping bag a really good choice!














The last sleeping bag we have in the Extremelite Series is the Flylite. This bag was manufactured with the outdoor community in mind. The staff at Western Mountaineering took all the comments and concerns from trail runners, triple crown through-hikers, bike packers, and everyone in between to put together the perfect bag for this community! The Flylite is extremely lightweight, breathable, and sure to keep you warm all at the same time. The temp rating is 36° F/2° C and weighs 14.25 oz, making it the lightest one at Granite Chief!


The Microlight Microfiber Series is perfect for those who like to take their adventures through any kind of weather that could be thrown at them. These sleeping bags are highly water-resistant due to their makeup of a high thread count and dense yarns. They don’t have any coating or laminate making them extremely breathable as well. On top of all of this, they are lightweight and sure to keep you warm!


Apache MF:












If you’re looking for a sleeping bag that can take just about anything, the Apache MF might be for you! This bag is extremely weather-resistant but still very breathable and comfortable. There is also a full 3-dimensionally sewn down-filled collar that will lock in heat and keep you warm all night long! It has a temp rating of 15° F/ -9° C and weighs a total of 2lb. This bag can definitely withstand a great deal!


Caribou MF:












The last bag that we have from Western Mountaineering is the Caribou MF. This sleeping bag is perfect for the summer hiker. This is a durable mummy-style bag that is slightly wider than average to make it a more comfortable fit. It’s made up of the same weather-resistant materials and is also just as breathable. The temp rating is 35° F/ 2° C and it weighs 1lb. 5oz., definitely a summer must-have!


Flash Down Booties:







Along with Granite Chief selling Western Mountaineering sleeping bags, we also sell their Flash Down Booties! They’re perfect for blocking out the wind and keeping your feet nice and warm. They have a simple elastic around the ankle to help keep the cold out. Even though these booties weigh 3oz per pair, they’re still extremely comfortable!


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