Granite Chief and Nevada County have partnered with Little Kamper Refillable Propane Cylinders in a shared commitment to eliminate the single-use canister.

Did you know that over 40 million single-use canisters are sold annually in the US, and did you know that only a small percentage are recycled, the majority ending up in our landfills? Once in the dumpsites, they leak and seep into the soil, potentially ending up in our waterways. Here's another problem with single-use propane canisters. Many of them are collected and recycled by our state and national parks. At great expense for the very parks we all love and support. Last year Yosemite National Park collected, sorted, and transported over 24,000 propane canisters. That's a lot of labor and avoidable expense! Let's try to tackle the big green propane canister problem together! 

If you're a Nevada County resident, stop by Granite Chief with proof of residency. Pledge to stop using single-use canisters, and we'll give you a FREE Little Kamper refillable canister. After that, when your canister hits empty, refill it at any propane station.

When our free stock runs out, or you need additional Little Kamper refillable canisters, you can purchase them from The Chief.

For non-Nevada County residents, no worries. Granite Chief has you covered. We carry the same Little Kamper refillable 1L propane cylinders for $21.99.

In the long run, you save money switching to a reusable propane cylinder and helping the environment as you enjoy camping, tailgating, or other outdoor adventures. 

Let's all say NO to the BIG GREEN SINGLE USE PROPANE CANISTER, and help out our parks and protect the environment.