It's been a long spring and summer with the COVID-19 outbreak. We've all experienced many changes in our lives. Local ski areas have been working hard to implement safety measures to get mountain operations open for skiing. Check with your home mountain to get the latest COVID-19        safeguards and requirements.

With last year's ski area closure, many of you have been asking about balances on your Ski Service Card account. As always we guarantee your out-of-pocket expense. If you did not use 100% of your SSC purchase price, we will roll over the remaining balance. Needless to say, we are rolling over a great volume of unused out-of-pocket dollars. To find out if you have a rollover amount, please call or email us and we will look up your current available balance.

Call us at: 530.587.2809 or email:



Only 500 Ski Service Cards Available ( we are limiting the number of SSC purchases due to additional safety precautions needed when handling your gear).

Ski Service Cards Expire when Squaw Valley closes daily ski operations for the 2020/2021 ski season

Ski Service Cards can NOT be used for rentals, demos, parts, gift cards, or retail merchandise.

Your Ski Service Card covers Ski and Boot repairs, tuning, mounting, and fitting. Parts for repairs, such as boot buckles can not be paid for with your SSC. Parts needed for repair will be an additional charge separate from your SSC credit.

Granite Chief as always guarantees your out-of-pocket expense. Example: A $200 SSC will cost you $100. If you only use $75 of your $100 out-of-pocket, we will roll over $25 to next year's SSC. If you use $150 of your $200 SSC credit, there will be no rollover amount.

Only Authorized Users will have access to your Ski Service Card. Authorized Users must be listed at the time of your SSC purchase. Users can not be added after purchase. When purchasing online, enter the names of all authorized users in the comment box.

A Ski Service Card to fit your family of skiers:

$200 SSC your out-of-pocket cost $100

$400 SSC your out-of-pocket cost $200

$500 SSC your out-of-pocket cost $250

$600 SSC your out-of-pocket cost $300

$1000 SSC your out-of-pocket cost $500



















We at Granite Chief are working to add safety measures to our rental and demo department, boot fitting area, and our back shop facility. We will be setting up a COVID 19 page on our website within the next couple of weeks. Our goal is to protect our staff, customers, and community. We're all in this together and your suggestions are welcome.