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  1. Tahoe-Pyramid Trail Jersey Just Arrived!

    Tahoe-Pyramid Trail Jersey Just Arrived!

    "The Tahoe-Pyramid Trail (abbreviated as ‘TPT’) is based on a vision for a trail that would follow the entire length of the Truckee River, from its source at forested Lake Tahoe (6225′) to the desert terminus of Pyramid Lake (3796′). The current route can be traveled by foot or by bicycle, and when fully completed, will descend over 2000 feet during the entire...
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  2. Backpacking to 1,000 Island Lake

    Backpacking to 1,000 Island Lake

    We pulled into the June Lakes loop which already is an absolutely beautiful area I had never been to. Our trailhead destination was Silver Lake. Looking up at the large Eastern Sierra mountains I began to feel a bit daunted. The description of the hikes from the AllTrails app told us that we would be going up 4,000 feet of...
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  3. Granite Chief Crew Heads South!

    Granite Chief Crew Heads South!

    The Granite Chief Ski Shop team decided it was time to do some peak bagging and head South! First on the list, was Freel peak, the highest mountain in the Tahoe Basin. Clocking in at 10,881 feet! After nabbing this summit, the boys packed up and headed south past Bishop to Big Pine. Next up, was Mount Agassiz which is the 21st...
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  4. Chacos: The Perfect Summer Sandal!

    Chacos: The Perfect Summer Sandal!

    The summer heat is here and Chaco's are in stock! When it gets this hot, my feet can't handle being in shoes with socks. This is where Chaco's come into play! These are the best sandals you can get for the active Tahoe lifestyle. Whether you are floating the river, out for a casual hike, or maybe just walking around...
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  5. Coming Soon: Nothing! About The TDLT

    Coming Soon: Nothing! About The TDLT

    If you have driven down West River Street recently and looked towards the Truckee River you may have noticed a sign that says: "Coming Soon... Nothing!" This sign was put up by the Truckee Donner Land Trust and if you don't know who they are and what they do, you should! We recently had a chance to interview Fraser Query...
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  6. Donner Summit Roadwork

    Donner Summit Roadwork

    If you are curious as to what is going on up on Donner Summit, here is some information from Nevada County: https://www.mynevadacounty.com/230/Donner-Pass-Road-Reconstruction Over the next few months, there will be roadwork being performed on the Summit. The road will be closed from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday until October 15th! The site says that the road...
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  7. US Ski Team Race Tune Special With Josh Benge!

    US Ski Team Race Tune Special With Josh Benge!

    One of our favorite former employees, Josh Benge, worked in our ski service area for 10 years and has spent the last few years working for the U.S. Ski Team. Due to Covid-19 and no overseas travel he will be with Granite Chief for the month of July. As a result, we will be offering up a special deal to...
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  8. Tahoe Trails Update

    Tahoe Trails Update

    Here is an update on the state of Tahoe trails from one of our wintertime employees, John Clausen. John is heavily involved in the building and maintaining of our trails and this is what he had to say: "Hey all, my apologies for the "slow to post" trail update. As you may imagine, Covid-19 has impacted trail work around...
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  9. Season Recap: Caelan Diermann

    Season Recap: Caelan Diermann

    This winter was a little different than past seasons due to low snow and then being hit with the Coronavirus. Ski season was cut short as all ski resorts shut down and we were ordered to stay at home. Even so, Granite Chief athlete, Caelan Dierman, still had a great season before it all came to an abrupt end! Here's...
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  10. Trail Running In Tahoe

    Trail Running In Tahoe

    Trail running is an engaging workout that can allow you to see some beautiful scenery. I was never into running for the longest time because I hated pounding my feet against the pavement on roads while getting whizzed by oncoming traffic. All I could think about was the agony I was in and how I couldn't wait to get home...
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