Because the majority of PCT hikers wear them, that’s why.

Joking aside, several attractive attributes of the Lone Peak factor into its popularity among those hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, and this year’s model, the Lone Peak 7, is no exception. In short, the shoe offers excellent stability through its unique outsole grip and internal zero-drop, remarkable comfort from the midsole cushion, while maintaining a lightweight, seamless top fit.


The Lone Peak 7, like its predecessor Lone Peak 6, includes the Altra EGO midsole design which provides runners and hikers a greater level of comfort in addition to high levels of energy return through its connection and durability. While comfort is a key component for a shoe when pursuing the 2,600-mile endeavor through the Pacific Crest Trail, stability is not to be overlooked either. The Lone Peak 7 includes an enhanced MaxTrac outsole, offering more grip and stickiness underfoot across a range of trail conditions.



Whether it be hiking through the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park or crossing through the Columbia River Gorge area, the Lone Peak 7 provides PCT hikers with an optimal responsive trail shoe. Amidst the beautiful nature scenes, hikers’ feet move naturally thanks to Altra’s Original FootShape Fit. Unlike other shoes that bunch toes together in a narrowed shoe, FootShape provides more space in the toe box–resembling the natural shape of a foot. 


Additionally, the Lone Peak 7 includes another staple characteristic of Altra shoes: zero-drop. This means the heel is level with the forefoot allowing for a more natural movement. The zero-drop improves balance and encourages a forefront or midfoot strike pattern, strengthens muscles in the feet, and can reduce muscular pain in feet, ankles, knees, or back pain.



Needless to say, all the attributes mentioned thus far help paint a picture of why PCT hikers are choosing this more versatile and pliable trail running shoe over more traditional, heavier hiking shoes, but the Lone Peak 7 is not solely meant for such lofty distance. Everything that makes this shoe so excellent for PCT hikers, also makes it excellent for anyone hiking or trail running in the Tahoe area.


As the snow finally melts and we are seeing more dirt trails resurface, it is time to get a pair of the Lone Peak 7 to better enjoy places like the Tahoe Rim Trail, Emerald Bay State Park, Desolation Wilderness, and so much more. Even a relaxing walk or run along Legacy Trail in Truckee can be enhanced by Altra shoes. From the health benefits of zero-drop or signature FootShape to the comfort and stability of Altra EGO and MaxTrac, anyone anticipating going out on a trail this summer needs a pair of Altra Lone Peak 7. For those interested in a bit more cushion between them and the adventurous trails, the Altra Olympus 5 is proving to be another popular trail shoe. Come by Granite Chief and take a look at both Altra shoes and more!