Therm-ic Set Heat Kit ​+ C-Pack 1700 Bluetooth Boot Heaters

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Cold feet on the mountain can ruin anyone's day, thats why we love Therm-ic boot heaters for all day warmth on the mountain.  The 1700 pack with Bluetooth is espcially great thanks to its 17 hour battery life and three Bluetooth-adjustable heat settings.

 These heaters come with an easy-to-trim one-size footbed which is simple to install. However, for added comfort, bring these into the shop and have a bootfit appointment with one of our seasoned bootfitters.  They can install these heaters, make adjustments to your boot and add a custom footbed.  With all that warmth and comfort, you won't want to take your boots off!

  • Stick-on Therm-ic Topcover for Added Comfort
  • Suitable for Use with Therm-ic C-Pack Battery Onl
  • Includes – A set of heat elements, topcovers and 1 pair of C-pack batteries.
  • Bluetooth Compatible – You can now control remotely the heat settings via your smartphone, using the Thermic Heat Control App.
  • C-Pack 1700 B Battery Pack – The C-Pack 1700 B battery pack comes with three heat settings to help keep your feet warm all day long. Warm feet for up to 17 hours.
  • Installation: One Size, Easy to Trim

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