Black Diamond Women's Primrose Harness Package

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If you, or that special lady in your life, are looking to get into climbing this summer, there's no easier or better way than the Primrose Harness Package from Black Diamond.  The Primrose Harness Package features the always-reliable, always-comfortable Primrose climbing harness to help catch your fall.  It also comes with a classic ATC and Rocklock locking carabiner to make sure you're read to belay your buddies.  To help out with sweaty hands during the summer months Black Diamond included a Mojo chalk bag and a heft package of White Gold loose climbing chalk. 


  • Primrose Harness
  • ATC belay/rappel device
  • RockLock Screwgate carabiner
  • BD chalk bag
  • BD White Gold chalk shot


  • [Harness only] 350 g (12 oz)
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