Yuba Seasons: Images from the Wild & Scenic South Yuba River

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A place of unsurpassed beauty, the Yuba River and its tributaries refresh and renew us each season.  In 2001, in response to a broad campaign led by the South Yuba River Citizens League, the California State Assembly designated 39 miles of the South Yuba as a Wild and Scenic River.  It is, indeed, wild and scenic, as evidenced by photography David McKay's striking images.

McKay has been photographing the Yuba River and its surroundings for almost 40 years.  This book includes sweeping panoramas of the south Fork on the Yuba River as well as images highlighting the play of light on water and rocks.  "I'm always amazed by the patterns created from light passing through the surface tension of water, " says McKay.  "I have worked for many years to capture that life and energy on film.  I believe I've succeeded with the photos in this book."


  • Written by David B. McKay
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