Sterling Rope Evolution Velocity 9.8mm Rope [60 Meter]

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Thanks to its lightweight durability and silky-smooth handling, the Evolution 9.8mm Climbing Rope from Sterling Rope is the go-to for sport, trad, steep ice, and any hard mixed routes you might encounter.  Not that we recommend buying your gear based off celebrity endorsements, but if the Evolution 9.8mm Rope is good enough for Chris Sharma, we're pretty sure it can handle whatever you have to throw at it.  A DryCore sheath helps the Evolution stay pristine for longer, and makes sure that you can use it safely in any situation. 



  • Diameter (mm):  9.8
  • Rope Type:  Single
  • Sheath (%):  35
  • Weight (g/m):  62
  • Dynamic Elongation (%):  26.4
  • Static Elongation (%):  8.6
  • Impact Force (kN):  8.8
  • Length (m): 60
  • UIAA Falls:  6


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