Ski Service Pricing
Crystal Glide Tune $49.00
New Ski Tune $39.00
Race Tune $79.00
Race Tune with Hot Box $115.00
Race Tune without Structure $59.00
Race Prep $105.00
Race Tune with Race Prep $150.00
Kid Ski Tune $34.00
Base Repair $10.00 to $24.00
Binding Mount & Test $49.00
Binding Adjust & Test $26.00
Custom Mount $65.00
Belt Wax $8.00
Iron Wax $18.00
Hot Box $35.00
Iron Wax with Tune $12.00
Press Work $45.00 to $95.00
Ski Straightening $25.00
Boot Labor Pricing
Minimum Boot Labor $20.00
Boot Stretch or Grind $20.00 to $50.00 per boot
Flex Alteration $20.00 to $30.00 per boot
Buckle Replacement $15.00 plus parts
Risers with Planing $150.00
Pro Cant $50.00
Refit or Mold Liners $40.00 to $50.00
Foam Injection $120.00

Downunder Footbeds$43.99

AmFit Footbeds $225.00
AmFit Footbeds with
new boot purchase,
if purchased w/in 30 days $185.00
Conform'able Footbeds $120.00
Our Guaranteed Boot Fit

When you purchase your ski boots from Granite Chief all additional boot fitting is included for one full year from the date of purchase. Footbeds and Pro Canting are discounted with your boot purchase. Sale boots are excluded from our Guaranteed Boot Fit.

Service Descriptions
Crystal Glide Tune $49.00
  1. After a through inspection of the ski we give it a light base grind to clean and flatten the base and to clean edges
  2. Stonegrind with appropriate structure based on temperature and snow conditions
  3. Side edge grinding with a 1, 2, or 3 degree bevel
  4. Bevel the base edge 1/2 or 1 degree, polish the edge with stone and remove burrs from side grinding
  5. Detune and remove burrs on tips and tails
  6. Inspect ski and belt wax either with belt or iron upgrade an additional $10.00
  7. Use protection for tips and tails
Race Tunes $79.00
  1. Choose from three structure types
    (Linear, X hatch, Broken Linear)
  2. Depth of structure based on snow type and temperature
  3. Hand finish edges to clients specifications
  4. Hand wax and brush
  5. Use protection for tips and tails
Race Ski Preperation GS & SL $105.00
  1. Hot Scrape
  2. Hot Box
  3. Hand Wax, scrape and brush 5 times
Race Tune without Structure $59.00
  1. Hand Finish edges to clients specifications
  2. Iron Wax, Scrape and Brush
  3. Use protection for tips and tail
Hot Box $35.00
  1. 6 to 8 hours soaking up wax in our Hot Box (your skis will love you for it)
Ultimate Performance
Boot Package
Ask For Pricing

Designed For Racers & Core Mountain Skiers

John, Gunner, Darren, and Herb put their heads and experience together to design a high level boot package for the skier that skis hard and pushes the envelope, whether you're running gates, skiing the toughest lines, or spending every free moment on the mountain.

We all know that proper fit, alignment, the right equipment are the foundation for comfort and performance. We also know that ski boots are not shoes, (as the Euros' call them). They are hard plastic, and boots from the manufacturer are designed to fit a multiple of foot shapes. Our Ultimate Performance Boot Package is the closest thing to having a custom made boot. As always we will get you in the right boot for your foot shape, body type, and skiing discipline. Then we will add a custom heat molded liner built around a Granite Chief Amfit footbed, next we will make the needed adjustments to ensure proper boot/leg shaft alignment with our exclusive Laser Guided Alignment machine. Lastly we pair you up with a quality performance ski sock.

Our Ultimate Performance Boot Package is specially priced. To learn more about our Ultimate Performance Boot Package stop by and speak with one of our boot experts.

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