Shred Optics Monocle Black [CBL Plasma Mirror]

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The Monocle from SHRED. is perfect for anyone looking for a goggle with a wide field of view and a classic style.  SHRED. has included thier Contrast Boosting Lens(CBL) and Nodistortion technology which helps enhanse contrast so you can see everything on the mountain with more clearity.  SHRED. has also included their Shredwide techlology which maximizes your feild of view.

SHREDWIDE - Goggles designed and engineered to maximize your feild of view.

SHRED. CONTRAST BOOSTING LENS - Enhances image contrast and definition for all weather and light conditions.

SHRED. NODISTORTION - Pressure regulation valve technology to provide crystal clear vision during altitude change.

Cylindrical double lens

100% UVA-UVB-UVC protection


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