Salomon Active Skin 8

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Designed for ladies who love trail running or anyone looking for less weight to carry on a hike, Salomon's Active Skin pack is lightweight and includes two water flasks.
  • Sensifit women specific
    Designed to fit comfortably around a women's curved chest, narrow shoulders and shorter torso length. Double stretch construction straps, shaped like cups, conform to the chest. Proper fit eliminates bounce while enabling comfortable breathing.
  • Quick link
    This innovative sternum strap construction allows you to adjust and connect your pack quickly, even on the fly. The elastic strap also allows easy breathing during intense activity.
  • 2 soft flask 500 ml designed for women with straw included
    Specifically designed to fit women's anatomy, this triangular flask is positioned below the chest to remove any pressure on the breasts. Includes a straw for easy drinking with a simple press on the flask.
  • 2 front stretch pockets
    Expandable front pockets to store essentials you want to access on the go.
  • 2 front flask pockets with secure loops
    Designed to fit Salomon soft flasks, these front pockets limit bouncing. Top elastic loops secure your flasks and keep them ready to drink.
  • Key holder
    This elastic key chain holder makes it easy to pull keys off the bag while remaining safely attached.


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