Petzl Verso Belay Device

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Looking to reduce the size and weight of your climbing gear?  The Petzl Verso is a lightweight an compact option that will help you do just such.  The  Verso features v-shaped friction channels and asymmetrical side grooves that adapt the rope friction for better control. 


  • Ultra-light design
  • Single device for all ropes
  • ARC technology adapts to diameter of rope by increasing or decreasing braking friction according to diameter and conditions
  • Better braking on thinner ropes
  • Adapted breaking for efficiency with larger diameter ropes
  • Asymmetrical side grooves decrease friction when taking in slack for greater ease of use
  • Ultra-compact design is easy to use and doesn't take up much space on your rack
  • Rope friendly design
  • Keeper cable will not get pulled into the device
  • Usage diagram engraved on device for ease of use
  • Use with symmetrical shaped locking carabiner
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