MSR PocketRocket® Deluxe Stove

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The ability to widen your menu options while on trail is easy, thanks to the MSR PocketRocket® Deluxe Stove! This stove is lightweight and ultra-packable which makes more room for a slightly deeper pot.  The easy-to-use push-start ignition makes set up quick and the broad burner head makes for better heat distribution and simmering. 

Consistently Fast: Pressure regulator maintains stove's fast boil times even in cold weather and with low fuel.

Ultralight: Just 83g (2.9oz) and ultra-packable; expands the menu options for ultralight backpacking

Push-Start Ignition: Fast, reliable piezo lighting, spark igniter is protected inside burner for maximum durability.

Broad Burner: Improves wind resistance and combines with simmer control for excellent cooking versitility; wind-blocking burner lip.

NOTE: Fuel Sold Seperately

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