Marker Kingpin 10 Ski Bindings 2017

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Recommended Use:  Inbounds, out of bounds, the Marker Kingpin 10 binding truly does it all.  For those looking to make themselves a 1-ski quiver, the right binding is essential.  And that's exactly where the Kinpin 10 delivers.  The Kinpin Pintech Toe system works with any boots that use tech fittings, while the Kingpin Heel is compatible with any heel, giving you an ISO certified release for safety.

Why We Like It:  Versatility is king, which is exactly why we like the Kingpin 10 binding.  Being able to confidently shred inbounds powder in the morning, then seamlessly tranition to an afternoon of backcountry touring makes for one rad binding. 

Bottom Line:  If you're looking for a bindnig that can transition effortlessly from inbounds to out, and ski well along the way, the Kingpin 10 binding from Marker is for you.

Features:  Kingpin Pintech Toe, Kingpin Heel, Compatible w/ Tech Toe-Inserts

DIN Range:  5-10

Brake Width (mm):  75-125

Weight (g/pair):  1460 w/ Brakes

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