Jetboil Luna Satellite Burner

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Compliment your Jetboil® or Eureka!® multi-burner campstove with the Luna Satellite Burner from Jetboil.  The Luna attaches to the JetLink™ fuel output port of the Genesis, Spire and Spire LX stoves for rapid boiling of water to use in food or drinks. 


  • Same Jetboil fuel efficiency
  • Designed to be used with .8L, 1LS, 1LT, 1.8L vessels
  • Packs inside SUMO, MiniMo, PCS, Flash, Sol, FlashLite, Zip, MicroMo vessels
  • Attaches only to Jetboil/Eureka! multi-burner JetLink™
  • 10" hose length
  • Stable low-profile design
  • Push-button igniter
  • Ideal for boiling water for food and drinks
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