Jetboil Flash Java Cooking Kit

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Now you can wake up and warm up with your favorite backcountry beverage or gourmet freeze-dried meal at just the push of a button, thanks to Jetboil's Flash Java Kit.  The Flash Java Kit comes with a sample of Green Mountain Coffee, a coffee press, and 1-Liter FluxRing cooking cup with insulating cozy, all in a compact package.  Just throw it in your bag and you're ready to hit the trail.  A newly designed burner secures the ignitor,  helping protect it from bumps on the trail.  The cooking cup doubles as a measuring cup and a bowl, and clips onto the burner, helping prevent against accidental spill and increasing overall stability.  With the ability to boil 1/2-Liter of water in under 3 minutes, you and your buddies will be able to get your coffee fix, fast. 


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