Jetboil Flash 2018 Cooking System

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FLASH 2018-1

The Jetboil Flash cooking system boils water fast. 100 seconds fast. An external temperature gauge on the cooking cup gives you a clear indication of when your water is piping hot. A simple-to-use electric igniter makes lighting the burner a snap. Compact and lightweight, the entire system can be stowed inside the FluxRing cooking cup, which keeps food and beverages warm long after heating and safely allows you to handle the cup right off the burner.

NOTE: Fuel canister and canister stand are NOT included

  • Makes 2 cups of boiling water in just over 2 min. (average boil time specification of 4 min. 30 sec. represents the time required to do 2 separate boils of 0.5 liter of water)
  • Cooking cup clips onto the burner, preventing accidental spills
  • Fuel canister tripod ensures overall stability
  • 1.0 Liter FluxRing cooking cup has insulating cozy
  • Adjustable stainless-steel burner
  • Push-button igniter
  • Color-change heat indicator
  • Drink-through lid with pour spout and strainer
  • Bottom cover doubles as a measuring cup and bowl
  • Stove burner and 100g fuel canister stow inside the cup; fuel canister sold separately
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