Booster Strap World Cup

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Get maximum ski boot performance and extraordinary ski control with Booster Straps.  Not only will these straps help take your skiing up a notch, they help protect against shin bang and other maladies as well. 

  • The BOOSTER STRAP should be routed outside the rear spoiler and inside the plastic shell up against the tongue in front. The elastic is then stretched about an inch.
  • If on your very first turn you don’t notice a dramatic difference in ski response, the BOOSTER STRAP is too loose or installed incorrectly. On the other hand if, after a few turns it feels like something is pushing you backward the BOOSTER is too tight. Keep in mind that as in any sport your skill level improves with experience so your BOOSTER setting may vary with time. Adjust to your skill level.
  • Note: On boots with a high shell in front, the elastic portion will be behind the shell in front.
  • It is recommended the Velcro(tm) strap be removed as it is no longer necessary or desirable.

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