There is no easy way to say this…Wax is dead. Well, kind of. Every season you head into your local ski shop looking to speed things up a bit on the mountain with a fresh layer of wax. Or, maybe you spend a few evenings during the winter months with your tried and true iron-on method. Well, the ski industry has just been dealt a new hand and you can say goodbye to reapplying your wax EVER again.

Enter the DPS Phantom Glide – A permanent waxless solution. This is what it sounds like and has been tested by the pros. You apply once and it will last the lifetime of the skis/board, generally outperforming any ski wax application process you can find out there. DPS gives three main pros for this new product – “Pure convenience, consistent performance across all temperatures, and more environmentally friendly than traditional wax.”

Let’s break it down a little bit to give you a better idea of how this all works.

  1. But how? - The phantom treatment processes penetrates the entire thickness of the base material and is permanently bonded. This differs from traditional wax that lives on top and begins to wear off as soon as your first use.
  2. Application – Phantom was first released as an “at-home” DIY application process, which had its limitations due to a need for consistent sunlight. This year, Granite Chief has received their new curing station for a simplified application and an even coat.
  3. Longevity – If you think about the base of your skis/board in layers  - wax would traditionally be the one that lives on top. With Phantom, you could grind through all of the layers and could still benefit from the performance of the treatment. This is achieved when the phantom treatment molecules and the polyurethane molecules are cured and create a chemical bond that will last a lifetime. Have more questions about how this works? Check out DPS's full description here!

We are excited to have just received our Phantom Curing Station! Come into the shop and get your permanent phantom glide treatment today!


Phantom 2.0 – A New Era, The New Standard from DPS SKIS on Vimeo.