There's a new ski brand hitting the wall and Granite Chief this winter,  and it's none other than the Swiss power house, the Stormrider 95 from Stöckli.  We are fired up to have these hand-made beauties adorning our ski wall, and that's not only because they look awesome, but because they ski even better.  Today we'll be talking about the Stormrider 95 skis from Stöckli in all of their glory.

Stockli Stormrider 95 Skis 2017-2018

Given Tahoe's heavy 'Sierra Cement', the mid-fat category of skis tend to dominate the area, making the Stormrider 95 stand out as one of the top in class.  Many people picture Blizzard's Bonafide, or Volkl's Mantra as being their go-to ski for an all-mountain shred session, however that's not always the case.  Even when we rank skis in this category, we often compare what we are skiing to the likes of what's listed above.  Now here at the chief we bring the Stormrider 95 into that conversation, and that's for a lot of good reason.

Measuring at 99mm under foot and with a good amount of positive camber underfoot, and complimented with an early-rise tip for quick turn initiation and flotation, this ski quickly earns the title of a one ski quiver.  Full sandwich sidewall construction allows for incredible edge grip and control, while Stökli's "Vario Racing Technology" gives the titanal a profile that's thinner in the tips and the tail, just like the profile of the wood-core.  This profile gives this ski incredible initiation of the turn, along with all the strength and stability you need.  After  demoing Stokli's Stormrider 95, we've found one thing to be true - there's no speed limit.  The Stormrider 95 is built for the more aggressive advanced-to-expert skiers who want to BLASTOFF!

For those looking for a ski in the 90-100mm waist category, the Stormrider is at the top of our list, and we couldn't be more fired up about adding these bad boys, and the awesome brand to our ski wall.  Winter 2017-2018 skis are shipping soon, so be sure to come back and check out what else we'll have in stock this season.