Southern Hemisphere Ski Camps; are you ready to get the most out of ski camp?

Meesh here, the Chief’s resident alpine ski coach. It’s July, Squaw just closed, and now it's time to soak in the sunshine; let those toes feel the fresh air and the warm sun. As you daydream about jumping into freshwater, flying down the trail on your mountain bike, it hits you; summer ski camp starts next week and man, are my edges rusty?! Don’t panic, we’re here for you. Get ready for winter in July.

While many ski racers are flocking to Mt. Hood for training on the glacier, others are headed for a winter snow experience in the southern hemisphere of the globe. Either way, it’s a good idea to come in and have your skis and boots tuned up. Our expert boot fitters and ski technicians will make sure your boots and skis will be at peak performance and NOT an excuse as to why you don’t improve this summer.

Get fitted by our team of experts!

Summer camp is a great opportunity to get on next year's skis and boots and to get a jump on those important development miles. Whether you are looking for the next size up, or looking to make sure all the details are dialed in before you go, we’re here for you.

Here at the Chief, we help athletes make sure they are ready to get the most out of their summer ski camp. Not to sound like a broken record, but boots tend to be the most important piece of equipment for an athlete. We can help you hunt down a new ski boot this time of year or simply replace that worn-out footbed in your existing boot. Cantology is an important element to check before you go. Ensuring the alignment is where you want it will make sure you get the most out of all those drills your about to do at camp.

Get your boots dialed so you can rip like Francesca!
No excuses!

Let’s talk skis. We have a limited selection of skis left over in the summer (due to epic winters!), but you could find a unicorn. Race skis don’t tend to change technology that often. Most of the time brands are updating graphics on the same ski they continue to produce for a few years. This means you can find a great deal on skis for your athlete in the summer. This allows the athletes to get used to new equipment long before the competition season begins. Got the skis you need? AWESOME! Make sure they are adjusted to your boots and tuned up ready to go just the way you like them. Feeling good about that? YASSSSS!


Jesse, a Chief expert, fine-tuning skis

Don't forget the travel wax!... and most important, HAVE FUN and we will see you when you return!

-Michelle & the staff at Granite Chief