Our annual Ski Service Card is now on sale through Labor Day. About 35 years ago, someone on our staff came up with an idea to offer a season pass for ski tuning, repairs, binding work, boot fitting, all the back shop services that skiers need to ski with confidence and ski their best. Herb claims it was his idea. Gunner claims it came to him in a dream after a night of pounding beers at the Chamois. Now, Jesse, the new guy, is adamant the whole thing was his brainchild. But that can't be he's only been with The Chief for a mere 11 years. The truth is, it was my idea, a girl of all things. I and I alone planned out how it should work, came up with the name Ski Service Card, and all the savings that come with it.

You can purchase a Ski Service Card in several denominations, $200, $400, $500, $600, or $1000. If you ski a lot and have a big family of diehards, you might want to go for the big one. After all, you're only going to pay half the amount of the card. Pick the card that is right for you and save up to 50% on the best ski and boot service available.

You're also going to be invited to our Spring Demo Day and BBQ. You'll be able to test next year's skis, and if you find a pair you just gotta own, we'll give you a preseason discount when you order for next fall delivery. Demo Day happens every spring, that is, unless something really weird happens, like a worldwide pandemic and everything gets shut down. But hey, what are the chances of that happening.

If you use your Ski Service Card up by May 31st, you're going to save a whopping 50% when you get your ski gear tuned up and repaired. Plus we're going to treat you to lunch, let you demo next year's ski, and give you a discount when you preorder. Did I mention as a Ski Service Cardmember, we'll have limited offer discounts on select items throughout the winter? The added bonus, it by some slim chance don't use your full SSC credit balance, we're going to guarantee your out-of-pocket expense. How's that for taking care of our customers! Granite Chief's Ski Service Card, it's not for everyone. Only those that love to ski and save money. If that sounds like you, check it out and get the full lowdown at Granite Chief.com. Or stop by and say thank you to Treas, after all, it was all her idea.

DISCLAIMER: Treas' idea, but the boys in the shop make it work! Love you guys!

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