Ski Die-hard, Rossi Hero WC boots, custom mod at Granite Chief Ski & Mtn Shop Ski die-hard ... bringing in your next year's Rossi Hero WC boots for custom mod at Granite Chief Ski & Mtn Shop, in June!

Granite Chief - We Know Ski Die-hard

Do your friends consider you a ski die-hard? Do you see summer as a mere intermission between one winter and the next?  Sure summer days warm up so that you can shed the Smartwool® long set ... You get out and hike, run, climb, and paddle, but, is winter ever far from your thoughts? Subconsciously, does your mind drift to storm cycles, and/or point chasing. If so, don't become alarmed, you are not alone. Millions of people ski in the US, and many show symptoms of being a die-hard (watching ski videos and thumbing through ski publications in July, working out to build ski specific muscles, putting another hot wax into their skis).

Here at Granite Chief Ski and Mtn Shop, the thermometer outside may say 84 degrees, but we are never far from our winter roots. Our staff share those same symptoms. So, whether you have an upcoming ski training camp, and/or need to dial in your newly arrived next year's pair of Rossi Hero WC boots, we are here for you. We speak winter daydreams 12 months out of the year. And yes, we have you covered for all that hiking, trail running, and stand-up paddling.  After all, those aren't bad ways to pass the time, and keep the bod fit for when the mountains are again covered in white. Long live the ski die-hard, you are always welcome at Granite Chief.