Meet Annsley Akers and Tatum Akers!!

It was a year of growth, challenges and awesome victories. Annsley and Tatum Akers, recipients of the Granite Chief Scholarship Athlete Award, share there 2017-2018 Winter season with us. These two sisters have been champions to each other and leaders in the ski community. Check out the pro advice they have for  up and coming athletes! Thanks Annsley and Tatum!

Tatum Akers:

What was your biggest accomplishment last season?

This past winter was my best season yet! The biggest highlight was winning first place overall for the U12 Far West Girls Northern Series.  I scored 500 points this season, which I was so excited about and I did that by winning 4 races in a row, 2 slalom and 2 super G’s. Another highlight was being nominated for the Marco Sullivan Outstanding sportsmanship award. Only two people were nominated out of 200 skiers. This award was a highlight because I really try hard to encourage my friends and cheer them on while they are skiing as well as taking time to talk with everyone. I love to see all the bright shiny faces of everyone when I tell them you are gonna do great! I also learned that I placed first in the Skills Quest Event at Finals.

What advice do you have for those striving to reach their goal?

I think some advice is to be determined and believe in your dreams.  I am determined to be a good person too- I respect coaches, encourage others and always try my best in whatever I do. Sportsmanship, personal effort, hard work and perseverance are all skills that will help me become a better ski racer and person.  I love to ski and have fun! I believe my enthusiasm for this sport is contagious and is reflective of my spirit for this sport.



Annsley Akers:

What was your biggest accomplishment last season?

Coming back from my first ACL surgery was my biggest accomplishment because I was able to overcome an event that had scared me. Just as I had become confident in my skiing this past winter, I crashed again and blew out my other knee. I had to have a second ACL surgery; both surgeries were only 14 months apart. I worked hard with my physical therapy and continued to train at Truckee Crossfit so that I can be ready for next winter as I do plan on skiing this year and have the best season of my life!

What advice do you have for those striving to reach their similar goals?

Some advice I have for others is just to stay happy and positive when hard things hit you in life. If you have to recover from an accident, stay positive and try not to get down in the dumps and sad.  When you are cleared to ski again, you will keep the positive attitude and be so happy. Also, appreciate everyday that you get to be on the snow. Another thing to remember is that when you do get back on skis, stay confident and happy.  I mean you probably just spent one year waiting to ski again, so why wouldn’t you be happy?