The foundation of any great running kit starts with your shoes. Much like the foundation of a house, shoes are the most important part of your kit. That's why I recommend the Salomon S-Lab Ultra. This shoe is unparalleled in traction and hits that sweet spot with just the right amount of cushion.
Step two: the perfect socks. This can be tricky cause you want something fairly light weight, moisture wicking, and comfortable. We love Darn Tough Socks for their comfort, fit, and durability. Merino wool naturally regulates temperature and wicks moisture while their high thread count and design keep the socks from slipping and sliding. Not to mention they have a life time warranty and are made in the USA.
 Like our socks we want to wear something that will wick sweat away from our bodies to keep us cool and dry. There are all sorts of running shirts on the market but our favorites are the Salomon Trail Runner shirt or the Outdoor Research Echo shirt for their tailored fit and ultra light fabrics. These shirts are so light that you will often see people running in the summer with the long sleeve versions. That's for the added sun protection and again they're light enough that they don't cause over heating.
You should also have a lightweight hat to keep the sun off your head. This helps prevent dehydration, overheating, and skin damage to the scalp. While we are on the subject of dehydration, you are going to want to have either an easy to carry bottle or a hydration vest like the Ultra Direction SJ Ultra Vest and Osprey Duro 1.5.
Last but not least, we are in the mountains and variable weather and conditions can come in without warning. There are some really great wind breakers with a water resistant finish to keep you sheltered in high winds and light rain. Our favorite is the Marmot Air Lite Jacket. This jacket packs down into its own pocket to about the size of a tennis ball and has a 'handy' little strap for carrying (pun intended).
With all that you are ready to hit the trails. You can stop be the Chief for all these items and many more. We also carry Cliff Shot Blocks which are small energy chews that help prevent bonking and cramping, plus sunscreen, skin glide, and everything you need for a great day on the trails. See ya out there!
-Miles Fulton at Granite Chief 
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