Granite Chief has carried Ortovox gear for a long time. Their shovels, probes, packs, and transceivers are among the best in the outdoor industry.

When we were looking for a new high-end baselayer line, we were super impressed with Ortovox baselayer, mid-layer jackets, and hoodies. Not only does this stuff look great, but most importantly, it is warm, comfortable, and durable.

The first thing that sets Ortovox baselayer apart from the others is the Tasmanian merino wool; the hand of the fabric is the first clue of the quality of this product. The yarn made in various strengths, determine the warmth of the garment and allows for building the garment with exceptional microclimate management.

What does all that mean? Certain parts of your body require more protection from the cold than other regions. For example, your chest and abdomen house your vital organs, and they need to be more insulated from the cold air when you are skiing down a mountainside. At the same time, body heat and moisture need a way to be transferred away from your underarms and parts of your back to keep you warm and dry. It's all about body mapping, and body mapping a garment is an essential factor for moisture transfer and is vital for comfort, and frankly, safety when in the backcountry.

Ortovox baselayer also touts excellent fit and mobility, making it great for a wide range of mountain activites, such as backcountry ski touring, alpine skiing, and winter climbing tours.

Then there's the 2nd and 3rd layer pieces like the Ortovox Fleece Space Dyed Hoodie and the Fleece Plus Hoody. These two items are at the top of our staff's Christmas list. Worn over your baselayer, you're adding another layer warmth and comfort. When wearing these hoodies with jeans on a night out in Truckee, you are not only going to be toasty, but you're going to look mighty fine as well.

We like these new Ortovox pieces, and we think you will too. We're already planning on expanding the selection next winter. Stop in and check it out, try it on and let us know what you think.

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