Cold feet at the altar, we can’t help you with that; cold feet on the mountain, we got you covered with the Heat Socks XLP One. Now these hotties aren’t for everyone, but if you’re the skier that’s out there in the coldest conditions, when the skiing is extraordinary and your feet are about to turn blue these heated socks are for you.

Hotronic has been producing ski boot heaters for a very long time. Let’s just say they’re in the business of keeping you out on the slopes when the others are heading in. When they first came up with the idea of heated ski socks they knew the foundation had to be a great fitting performance sock. The choice was the BootDoc’s Power Fit sock created with a wool blend and a soft gradual pressure distribution, enhancing comfort and warmth. The BootDoc designed what is called the Power Fit Index (PFI). The PFI is classified as 30, 50, 70, and 90; gentle, soft, medium and strong. The index indicates the level of gradual pressure that is distributed into each pair of Power Fit Socks. The degree of pressure is based on performance output. Which is why the 90 index is only found in the performance series. Strong graduate pressure maximizes circulation keeping your feet and calves warm and helps with muscle recovery.

Once sock performance was optimized Hotronic went to work on an ergonomically designed heat delivery system. By placing the heating element within the sock’s double cuff the battery is securely held in place. The element then runs down the legs on the outside of the sock, then wraps around the Achille’s, continues under the arch, ultimately delivering heat to the ball of the foot and on to the toes.

The new XLP battery pack is powered by a single lithium-ion battery. Hotronic’s XPL delivers long lasting heat. Hotronic’s other bragging point is that the battery maintains up to 90% of a full charge and 90% of its initial capacity after two years of nonuse.

Because Hotronic has been heating ski boots for a very long time, they understand that all feet are not created equal. Even the feet connect to the same body can register hot and cold differently. With this in mind, each heat element has 3 heat settings, right and left your feet are going to be warm but not hot, 1, 2, or 3, each foot will be just right. If your feet are really cold you can blast your feet with heat with a 4th boost setting.

Hotronic knows that skier’s follow the snow. One day you’re skiing in California and the next day might be Austria. Included in the Heat Socks set are plugs, a North American 2 prong and an International output plug type c. The battery pack LED lights indicate the charge level, 25, 50, 75, and a full charge at 100%.

Remember at the start of this article I mentioned that Hotronic’s XLP One may not be for everyone? What I meant was, the Tahoe ski bum would probably have to weigh warm feet verses food for the next month before shelling out for a pair of warm socks. But for a lot of our customers the warm feet and a couple less expensive bottles of wine the Heat socks will probably win out.

I’ll also say this, when I initially saw the Heat Socks my first thought was yes, no more cold feet, my second thought was, do you have to wash them every night. The answer to that is no, you simply purchase an extra pair or two socks and attached the battery and heat element to the cuff.

Hotronic Heat Socks Set XLP One $269
Extra pair of socks $84.99
Opus One 2014 750ml $309