Being a locally owned and operated ski business, Granite Chief understands the difficulties that come with having to upgrade ski gear for young competitive athletes each year. That is why we like to help local families by offering a scholarship program to a handful of dedicated, and passionate athletes that need high performance gear. As the athlete grows, we provide ski tuning, boot work and needed skis, boots poles, helmets, goggles or whatever else they might need. Additionally, we aim to connect young athletes with our ski reps to connect them through a developmental ski sponsorship program. It’s a great program and one that we are proud of.

How it works: Applicants submit us their “ski resume,” which lists their competitive accomplishments, goals for the year, and a little blurb about themselves along with a list of their coaches as references. What we are looking for in our scholarship athletes isn’t necessarily the best or the fastest, but instead, the most passionate, focused, well rounded and respectful athletes that are constantly making strides to improve. Through our scholarship program, we hope to make competing more accessible to local families and to help develop these young athletes and provide the high performance equipment they need to compete at their best.

 To apply, we only ask that the athlete is on either a big mountain, race or freestyle ski team in our local ski community and is under the age of 18.

If you’re interested in being apart our program or if you know of someone that could use a helping hand, applications can be found on our website at Just click on the link below to access and submit your application/resume. Or it always more fun to swing into The Chief, introduce yourself and pick up an application.

Click Here for details and online application