Granite Chief Porta Potty Donner Summit Snowshed Wall (Above) Celebrating its 11 year anniversary of community service, Johnny is back in his favorite location, at the parking base of Snowshed Wall, Donner Summit.

Outhouse News Flash

“Johnny”, the Granite Chief Ski and Mountain Shop outhouse returns for the 11th year at Donner Summit. “Spring scents are in the air, and my aim is to keep it that way”, says Johnny. Residing at the parking base of the popular Snowshed Wall, Johnny has proven to be “spot on”, year after year. With an open door policy, this veteran  services climbers, hikers, trail runners, cyclists, and motorists alike. "It is a diverse group, but a love for the outdoors, and the need for a place to go, seems to be the common denominator". Given its decade of history, just think of the stories Johnny could tell …. Not one to spread chatter, however, Johnny will only say, “it is great helping to keep old highway 49 and Donner Summit clean and beautiful. On top of that, I couldn’t ask for a sweeter location”. Thanks Granite Chief Ski & Mountain Shop for your community contribution!


The New Guy

This year, Granite Chief is proud to introduce a new outhouse affectionately deemed "Jimmy." The new outhouse will be located at the Emigrant Trailhead in the Forest Service parking lot off of the corner of highway 89 and Hobart Mills Road. Much like his older brother, "Jimmy" has an open door policy and will serve our awesome community of hikers, climbers, and mountain bikers that enjoy this quintessential Truckee trail. This new outhouse is part of Granite Chief's continued effort to support clean and sanitary trails for everyone to enjoy!


Outhouse Care

Johnny and Jimmy will be freshened up weekly, but on occasion, may become overwhelmed with popularity. Should you ever find that Johnny or Jimmy would benefit from an added touch-up, please pass the word along to Granite Chief. Thanks, and enjoy your adventures!







(Left) The new guy "Jimmy" will be located at the Emigrant Trailhead in the Forest Service parking lot off  of the Corner of highway 89 and Hobart Mills Road.