by: Rachel Meisler

The Earth needs water, and so do you.

The solution to pollution is dilution, and Granite Chief has hydration solutions to help you detox your body.  If you’re in Truckee, you’ve probably noticed all the wildfire smoke and you're not trying to breathe too deeply.  Whether you need to counteract the effects of daily air pollution or just keep cool in the heat of summer, now is a critical time to stay hydrated.  It may be obvious, but we kindly remind you to drink adequate amounts of water and electrolyte-replacing beverages, increasing your fluid intake with activity and according to conditions.

While the sky is thick with smoke, it’s a good time to take care of inside projects.  So, come see us at the store – it’s cool inside, and we have a variety of products that can help you stay hydrated, no matter your activity.  We’ll set you up for cold beverages with Stanley and Hydro Flask insulated containers, plus, we have more ways to carry your water than you knew existed from high-quality brands like Camelbak, Osprey, and Salomon.

Staying hydrated is easy when you have the right products...

For the days you are spending inside or if you need a water bottle that will keep your water cold on a long beach day, we have solutions for you! Stanley offers a variety of sizes and styles which can be used to keep your drinks at any temperature you desire.  And, their steel pints come with integrated bottle openers, talk about making it easy to transfer drinks from the cooler to your cup.  The rainbow (after the rain, we hope!) of Hydro Flask colors means you know which insulated bottle belongs to you, and the stainless-steel, toxin-free container keeps your drink either cold or hot for hours.  We also stock Sport Caps, Straw Lids, and Sip Lids for Hydro Flask and bottle brushes to clean out the coffee before you fill up with ice water.

Chances are you need to clean your Camelbak, right? (Ha, we knew it.)  No worries, we have kits with flexible brushes to clean the drinking hose. However, if the situation is beyond cleaning, and you just need a new bladder, we've got your back.  Camelbak and Osprey have 1.5 liter, 2.5L, and 3L reservoirs that will integrate with almost any hydration pack.

Granite Chief’s array of packs support your mission, check out the water-resistant fabrics, functional pockets, and comfortable straps on all the bags we offer.  Large backpacks for camping expeditions, day packs for summiting a peak, taking a picnic to the lake, or blazing new trails on your bike, you need a bag to not only carry your essentials but fit the way you need.  We’ve got unisex and women’s-specific fit systems, fanny packs, and handhelds available.

If you haven’t seen the latest packs, you’ll be impressed by the Osprey  “Airscape” and Camelbak “Air Director” mesh designs that hold the packs off your back and allow the breeze to slip in between and wick your sweat away, especially on the hot days.  Or keep your back exposed with a waist pack instead.  If you haven’t noticed, fanny packs are totally back in fashion and action!  Osprey makes a mountain-biking specific hip pack, and this style is also great for hikes or walks.  Go super light with Salomon’s Active Belt that simply holds one bottle and has a zipper pocket for your phone and nutrition bar if you’re out for a quick jaunt or a long run.  The Camelbak Flash Belt comes with a 500 mL insulated bottle, and we have Camelbak’s handheld bottle system that also has a zipper pocket for your valuables.

If a belt does not suit you, maybe a vest will do better.  Keep your treats close at hand with a Salomon vest that provides the option to carry a bladder, bottles, or soft flasks, along with other gear in multiple pockets.  Dog walkers, serious runners, and everyone in between are liking the adjustable, custom-fitting vests.  And, yes, we have assorted sizes of Salomon soft flasks and that flattens to fit in the vest (or any pocket) when they’re empty.

Don’t let your tank run dry!  We recommend you use this time wisely to get prepared for clear skies ahead.  Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay hydrated out there.