Custom Molded Hiking Boots Inspired From Ski Boot Design

Tecnica, a leader in ski boot design and technology, last year introduced a custom-molded mid and low hiking boot. In as little as 20 minutes Granite Chief can have you walking out of the store in a boot that fits your foot like no other boot on the market. A hiking boot that envelopes your foot like a second skin. With a year of consumer feedback, the reviews are soaring. We’re already seeing customer referrals and outdoor enthusiasts that purchased the Forge mid hiker last summer are coming in to purchase the new Plasma low hiker for a new look, yet the same great comfort of their first purchase.

The two-step process first custom molds the footbed to your foot, the footbed is then inserted into your boot, now it’s time to mold the hiking boot to each foot.

Custom Tecnica Hiking Boot Custom Molded Hiking Boots for Men and Women!

Here's how the molding process works: The boots are warmed up to a balmy 180 degrees Fahrenheit by one of our savvy shop technicians. The form fitted trekker to be (that's you) steps into the liner with your favorite hiking socks and enjoys the comfortably warm sensation of Tecnica's thermo-mold technology. The tech will proceed to strap pads around your toes inflated to apply 160 millibars of pressure to mold the insole right to your feet. The process takes just 20 minutes, and after that, you'll have a completely custom hiking boot formed specifically to your foot that requires ZERO break-in time. All you have to do is put them on, stand up, and get moving.

multi use hiking boot, made for the avid outdoor woman Tecnica Plasma Women Hiking Boot

The Forge and the Plasma are both available for men and women. The Forge mid sits higher up on the ankle for more support in rugged terrain and adds comfort when carrying a big load on a multi-day hike. Tecnica’s Plasma is a low-rise hiking shoe, with superior grip, cushions of support, and are perfect for scrambling up Shirley Canyon or a simple day hike around the Tahoe/Truckee area. Don’t let the low- profile of the Plasma Hiking Boot fool you for a low-profile shoe. This one-of-a-kind Tecnica Plasma has plenty of beef to speed hike a longer trek on variable terrain. The Plasma features a rugged sole and construction in a lightweight hiker making this boot a very versatile shoe for the great outdoors! So, what are you waiting for?Pop in the shop today to get yourself and your loved ones hooked up and ready for hiking season!

Tecnica Forge S Mens Hiking Boot Tecnica Mens Forge S Hiking Boot
available in the shop and online at Tecnica Women's Forge S Hiking Boot