For Granite Chief athlete Colleen Healey, winter "break" is anything but. Though she spent most of her pre-season up at Boreal Mountain Resort training for the upcoming season, she has decided to expand her horizons by training in Europe, in order to "experience their take on the sport," as she says. "I think it will be a great step for my progression because the European racers have an aggressive approach that I have been looking to develop," said an excited Healey.

Finally over in Europe, she will spend 36 days training and competing against some of the best competition Europe has to offer. A majority of that time will be spent at Hintertux Glacier in Austria, and she will cap off the trip with competitions in the Czech Republic and France. "These races are Europa Cups, and will be very challenging, but I am ready to race!"


When Colleen eventually returns to the US, she'll have a few short days of riding in Tahoe, followed by a road trip to British Columbia for four, that's right four, North American Cups. As the always excited Healey noted, "my upcoming competition schedule is definitely packed, but I am so ready to kick things off!" Well, I can certainly say that we're all excited for you as well, and looking forward to seeing you take on such a high level of competition this year!

We're extremely proud to have Colleen representing Granite Chief Ski Shop this season. Not just for her ability to compete on the world stage, but for her enthusiasm and goodwill that she takes with her everywhere she goes.

You'll be able to follow all of Colleen's exploits right here on Granite Chief's blog this season, as she travels the globe in search of competition, adventures, and great riding. Make sure to check back regularly for more updates!