Name: Colleen Healey

Age: 19

Team affiliation and home mountain: Auburn Ski Club/ Squaw Valley

 Current coach: Dylan Omlin

Years competing: 12

Division: current and past: Professional

Favorite discipline: Boardercross Snowboarding

Favorite skis: Oxess Snowboards

Season goals: This season I would like to qualify for my first World Cup, and fine tune certain parts of my technique on course.

Accomplishments and career highlights:

Top 8 FIS National Rankings for Boardercross 2016

15th place- 2015 Junior World Championship- Yabuli, China

30th place- 2014 Junior World Championships- Valmalenco, Italy

Burton U.S. Open

3rd place- 2014 Chevy Revolution Tour Boardercross

3rd place- 2013 Chevy Revolution Tour Boardercross

8th place-  2013 U.S. Sprint Grand Prix

Top Ten (12 times)- 2013-2015 World Holeshot Tour/ FIS

1st place- 2012 Burton Pro Test Finals

1st place- 2010 USASA National Championships Overall Title

3rd place- 2010 USASA National Championships Slopestyle

1st place- 2010 USASA National Championships Boardercross

1st place- 2009 USASA National Championships Boardercross

3rd place- 2009 USASA National Championships Slopestyle

1st place- 2009 USASA National Championships Overall Title

2010 National Cholula Hot Shot Award in USASA Boardercross

New England Chronicle TV to promote Waterville Valley Academy Airbag

WVBBTS Rider of the Year

Project Gold Camp/ U.S. Rookie Camp

My career highlights would be going to the Junior World Championships in both Italy and China. They were both amazing trips and great ways to experience different cultures around the world. I made great connections with other teams from different countries, and it opened my eyes to unique ways of riding. I was so proud to have the opportunity to represent my country!

Favorite part of skiing: I love flying through the air at extreme heights as well as carving huge arcs down the mountain while scraping my knees against the snow. Charging the mountain is a thrill that has turned into a lifestyle for me!

Ski history: I started snowboarding when I was 7 years old at Stratton Mountain in Vermont. I found snowboarding exciting and picked it up right away. I would always ride with the boys when I was growing up, so I definitely developed an aggressive and fearless form of riding. I started competing the second season I was on snow, and the rest is history!

Favorite things to do in the off-season: When I am not on the hill I enjoy surfing, rock climbing and hiking.

Current sponsors: A3 Bars, Monster Army, Hardcore Construction

Favorite music: Classic Rock

Dream ski trip: Japan backcountry trip!

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