6th Annual Shreddit Showdown 2019 WINNERS

  1. Jackson Rantz | Shreddit Showdown Entry 2019 | 3rd PLACE Grom

    Jackson Rantz | Grom Division | Home Mountain: Squaw Valley Jackson Rantz, every year he throws down a winning ski edit...and lands some gnarly jumps! Jackson's talent for skiing and filmmaking is a something to watch. You'll see Jackson on the slopes wearing a new Smith helmet and goggle kit. We bet he'll have a Granite Chief sticker on that...
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  2. Dylan Rutz | Shreddit Showdown Entry 2019 | PEOPLE'S CHOICE Grom

    Dylan Rutz | Grom Division | Home Mountain: My Backyard/Homewood Dylan Rutz, his first time out for the Shreddit Showdown grabs the most Facebook votes earning him the PEOPLE'S CHOICE in the Grom category. Homewood ski area is his mountain and his backyard is his after dinner training park. This guy never stops and his snowboarding shows it. Congratulations...
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