The mornings are cold and we've already seen a dusting on Mount Rose. We can feel winter in our bones. This fall we've pledged to get the firewood stacked and the snowblower tuned up. Speaking of tune-ups, why not add your ski gear to the to-do list.

Our backroom guy, Jesse has serviced all the tuning machines and he's ready to get to work.
Seven pre-ski season equipment tune-ups to jump on before the snow flies.

  1. Get your bindings tested, make sure they're still in safe working order. 
  2. Dig out skis from under the house and bring them in for a tune-up and fresh wax. 
  3. Remember the ill-fitting ski boots you swore you'd get refit before your first day out. Bring in and we'll dial them in. Your first day will be a good day. 
  4. The wax iron that you can't remember where you stored it. Come on in and buy a new one. No, you can't use the iron you use on your clothes!
  5. Go through your kit. Do your socks have holes in them? Do you still have a right and a left glove? Our new stock will be in the store shortly. 
  6. Did you buy your season pass? I hope so cause we can't help you with that!
  7. What about your Granite Chief Ski Service Card, did you buy that? If not we can help with that but it will cost you a bit more, the early bird catches the worm! 


  1. Are you a ski racer, big mountain or freestyle skier? BIG DISCOUNT on Granite Chief's TEAM DAY, October 12th.
  2. What about your kids, have they outgrown their ski gear or have a little on that is just starting out?
  3. JUNIOR SKI LEASE DAYS, November 2nd and 3rd. Great gear, unbeatable prices, something for every budget.

We're unloading boxes, and stocking up. If you're in the neighborhood swing in and say hi.