Black Crows Corvus Skis 2017

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Hard-Charging skis that slay the mountain through any and all snow conditions.  Stable on hardpack or mank, the Corvus lets big-mountain skiers open things up and really get after it. 

Lengths Available (cm): 175 183 193
Dimensions (mm): 136/109/120 139/109/122 141/109/125
Turn Radius 21

Profile:  Tip Rocker / Camber Underfoot / Early Rise Tail

Construction:  Poplar Core, Triaxial and Biaxial Fiberglass, ABS Sidewall Semi-Cap, Printed Base

Recommended Use:  Designed for big-mountain skiers who like to charge hard, steep lines, the Corvus ski from Black Crows is about stability at high speeds.  If your idea of a good time is stomping a cliff and surfing any and all snow conditions, check out the Corvus right away.

Why We Like It:  Depending on whom you ask here at the shop, you might get a different answer.  Some of us like the fact that the Corvus can maintain stability at high speeds, thanks to a triaxial and biaxial fiberglass core.  Others will tell you they like the ease of turning and increased control in various snow conditions thanks to the tip rocker, generous camber underfoot and the early rise tail.  Buy hey, that's all just reasons for you to give these a shot.


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