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Sunrise SUP Breakfast & DPS Dreamtime Sale

Sunrise Paddle Board Demo, Yoga & Mimosa Breakfast

We had so much fun last summer, we're doing it again!  July 22nd, join us for our Sunrise Paddle Board Breakfast.  Meet at 7am, grab some freshly brewed french roast coffee, and take either a Surtech paddle board or an Emotion kayak out for a spin.  Head back to shore for our blueberry lemon pancakes, bacon, sip down a mimosa, try another board or join Yoga Studio Tahoe for a SUP yoga session.  Who cares if you fall in, it's SUMMER!  

DPS Dreamtime Ski Special Edition Pricing

Are you constantly daydreaming of what next season has in store?  If so, you're not alone... and DPS Skis is here to help.  Beginning July 15th through August 1st, DPS Dreamtime is bringing you special edition skis at special prices.  Don't miss out on the best time of the year to shop, get stoked for next season and broaden your quiver with a new pair of sticks from DPS.  

Rossignol Hero WC & PCT Thru-Hiking Conditions

Rossignol Hero WC Ski Boots

Are you a ski die-hard?  Well, we are too.  And while winter doesn't stick around as long as we hope, we still speak winter daydreams 12 months out of the year.  So whether you're prepping for your upcoming ski training summer camp, or you're ready to dial in your newly arrived Rossi hero WC ski boots from next season, the crew at Granite Chief is here to help.  

While it may have been difficult for thru-hikers to find fresh water along the Pacific Crest Trail these last few years, it's safe to say the tables have now turned.  With a deep snow pack and water run-off in the Sierras at nearly 200% of normal, hiking sections of the PCT is proving to be a daunting task.

The Chief

Established in 1976, Granite Chief is one of the few if not the only ski shop still operating under original ownership. We are a California ski shop and a longtime local’s favorite. Granite Chief was the first to introduce world cup ski tuning, repairs and custom ski boot fitting on the consumers level. The Chief was the first shop to purchase a factory level stonegrinder and show off our tuning and boot fitting skills behind glass for our customers to view the work as it is being done.

Today we are a full service ski shop offering top of the line ski equipment and skiwear, a full line of rental and performance demo skis, and of course all the state of the art equipment services you have come to expect from The Chief.

Over the years we have expanded our business into summer sports, making us largest sporting goods stores in the Truckee area. Years of living and working in the mountains has made us experts in hiking, trail running, kayaking, and paddle boarding. We are a valuable resource for visitors and locals alike.

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